Dragonfly Diaries: The Power of Inquiry

By Lynette M. Fraga, Ph.D.

As part of Child Care Aware® of America’s 30th anniversary celebration, this series is designed to create a forum for thought leaders to spark innovative ideas by positing questions about the challenges and opportunities in finding effective solutions to quality child care for all.  Each month’s post will include a thought-provoking question that is intended to generate questions, discussion, and actionable solutions as a community. I encourage you to include your comments in the section below this blog post.

In preparation for my keynote address at Child Care Aware® of America’s 2017 Leadership Institute, I’ve been thinking about the importance of asking better questions when seeking answers or actionable solutions. According to Warren Berger, author of A More Beautiful Question, “Being willing to question is one thing; questioning well and effectively is another.” And sometimes, the right questions are the tough questions—those that cause us to rethink or reconsider what we have always known to be true.

Self-reflection can and should be a learning process, and one that propels us forward toward growth. Similarly it is important to acknowledge how outside influencers like technology, or changes in child care practice or policy, can and should inform our organizational growth. It is then our collective responsibility to question and potentially shift and change to meet our goals; reflecting the deliberate, often difficult, but always mission-driven decision making. We are in this together toward Breakthrough Solutions!

So now I ask the following questions of you:

  • What have you learned from self-reflection in your support of your staff or your own organization?

  • What tough questions do you grapple with based on that self-reflection?

  • What outside influencers can, should, or do influence your organizational growth?

Please share your comments in the section below this blog post.

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